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My cartographic work is based on GIS. This gives a direct link between the map and the real world and makes it easy to integrate for instance GPS-data in the map. It's also possible to extract GPS-data from the map.
I work with ArcView GIS by Esri. This is the worldwide standard in GIS software. Because Arcviews graphical possibilities are limited, I finish the maps in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
A map is a simplified version of reality. The elements that are most important for the user of the map, should be emphasized. Other elements should be less visible in the map. As a cartographer it's my task to make the best possible use of the space on the map. I make a hierarchy of important and less important map objects and make sure that the map is not too full. The end user should allways be kept in mind.
In my portfolio you find a selection of my work.